Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where are we located?

A. Our Factory and Head office are situated in the sugarcane growing area of Muhoroni along Chemelil-Kericho road off the Nairobi Road. We also run a registered office in Nairobi Jeevan Bharati House, 7th floor, along Harambee Avenue.

Q. What is our main raw material?

A. Molasses from the sugar factories is the main raw material in the manufacture of both Yeast and Alcohol. Molasses is a byproduct remaining behind after crystalline sugar has been recovered by the centrifugal separation of commercial sugar.

Q. Which are our main products?

A. We are manufactures of Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) for manufacture of high quality portable spirits such as whiskies, brandies and gins. We also produce Neutral Spirit (pharmaceutical grade) for pharmaceutical applications and a variety of Methylated Spirits for antiseptic use in hospital, domestic and cosmetics applications.

In addition to the spirits, we produce Furaha Active Dry Yeast (ADY) and Sifa Fresh Wet yeast for baking and other fermentation uses. The ADY is packed in 20kg jerry cans and sold through the regional distributors while wet yeast is sold to bakeries directly.

Q. What does one require to be our spirits customer?

A. One must be registered with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) as an excise industry. It is our policy to know our customers, the marketing department may require specific registration details for companies or business entities who want to do business with ACFC in addition to visiting their premises to verify these details.

Q. What does one require to be our yeast customer?

A. Yeast being an industrial product, it is sold through regional distributors. These distributors are selected on capacity to meet the required financial obligations and ability to cover the geographical location of the specified region. The selection is through competitive bidding and done transparently.